As your one-stop web design solutions provider, we provide a full range of professional services including:

• Website Design
• E-Commerce Solutions
• Web Application Development
• Content Development
• Domain Name Registration
• Website & Email Hosting
• Search Engine submission
• Website Maintenance & Upgrading

Bottom line is this; we will make your web experience pleasant, easy, enjoyable and affordable

Other related service includes preparation and content development for Company Profiles.

We never charge for a consultation or proposal so ask us questions on issues that you might have doubts about, it’s free.

Web hosting is basically a service that provides users with online systems for storing images, information, video, or any content accessible via the internet. Our web hosting are packaged as part of our overall Internet Solutions Plan.

Because business vary in size and organization it is important that a suitable hosting plan is chosen, too small a plan and your customers will be complaining that they cannot access your site, too big a plan and it might overload your budget.

The different categories includes: WEB HOSTING, EMAIL HOSTING and E-COMMERCE HOSTING, available for both Windows and Linux operating system (OS) platforms. The WEB HOSTING plans supports web, email and databases, the EMAIL HOSTING plan is tailored to handle bulk email and email marketing while the E-COMMERCE HOSTING plan enables you to trade online.

Our WEB HOSTING plans include:
• StartUp Hosting (600MB)
This hosting package is built to handle the requirements of most SME's. Features include; Front Page 2002, Dreamweaver support, your own POP email accounts, FTP account. Support PHP, ASP and ASP.Net. It now also supports MySQL and MS Access database functions.

• Basic Hosting (1200MB)
Designed specifically for moderate users with reliability in mind with all features available in Entry Plan plus larger disk space for web, database and mail. Support up to 5DSN connections. Supporting PHP, ASP, ASP.Net and MySQL now!

• Premium Hosting (2400MB) 
Specially designed for mid to high end users requiring large disk space and complex but efficient and robust server configuration. Dynamic web application content using Perl, ASP, or Cold Fusion 5 or MX is supported with extra flexibility and speed. MySQL is also featured on both Linux or Windows platform for database driven applications

• Application Hosting (5000MB) 
Application Hosting are designed to meet the rapid growth of the applications development market by enabling us to focus on your needs while gaining the cost advantages and efficiencies of an outsourced infrastructure. Main features include MS SQL 2000 and PostgreSQL for Windows and Linux environment respectively. Remote administration using Enterprise Manager is available for for MS SQL users.

• Virtual Private Server (5000MB) 
Virtual Private Server is an solution by which you enjoy the flexibility of having a dedicated server with the cost of a shared hosting services. This solution allows customization with ability to host up to 100 websites and is most suited for companies with multiple websites. Contact us for latest update.

Our EMAIL HOSTING plans include:
• Email Hosting
With our latest inclusion of anti-virus protection and proprietary processing rules feature on our mail servers, you'll be assured of virus-free e-mails or junk-free e-mails to your mailboxes. Administrative control panel with Web base messaging are included. Contact us for latest update.

Enterprise campaign management tool made affordable for SMEs. User friendly, advanced tracking & real time reporting capabilities enable you to carry out e-marketing campaigns with ease! Useful applications suitable for this type of hosting include: Mass Email marketing campaign, Bulk Email newsletters and broadcast Email announcements. Contact us for latest update.

Our E-COMMERCE Hosting solution allows you to get 'online' and start accepting credit card payments thru the internet.

• E-Commerce Hosting  
This  commerce package is basically a low cost, high impact payment hosting services. It was developed to offer affordability, convenience and security in one package. Contact us for latest update.

rest assured before packaging your hosting plan we always evaluate the capacity you require and match the right plan to your business.


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